Conceição Pires, RN, BSN,CCM

Phone: 781-664-4595 

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Conceição has a BSN in Nursing with 10 years of experience in General and Specialized Pediatric Nursing including Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant, Nursing Education at the Collegiate level, and field Case Management specializing in Workers Compensation. Special interests include International Health and Patient Advocacy.  Conceição traveled to India to provide Health Education classes for children from Kindergarten through the tenth grade.  Conceição is proficient in Spanish, fluent in Cape Verdean (Creole) and conversational in Portuguese.

Shunna McFarland, RN, MSN, CCM

Phone: 510-552-5261




Shunna has received Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in nursing  and has 20 years of varied nursing experience to include Case Management for Managed Care and Workers Compensation, Disease Management and has taught education at the collegiate level as well as in the community addressing health disparities of the lower economic community regarding high blood pressure, diabetes and healthier eating to better manage chronic diseases.  Shunna is certified in case management with an emphasis placed on evidence based practice in delivering quality care.



Mailing address: 2059 Camden Ave. #306 San Jose, CA 95124 (781)-664-4595 or (510)-552-5261