27. June 2022
Black Maternal Health
Roe vs Wade was recently overturned and this not only adversely affect women as a whole it also specifically targets Black women. Maternal health inequalities and poor access for pregnant women of color is well documented and sadly will increase with this change in women's health. 3 times as likely to die from pregnancy-related issues, Black women who have limited access to safe alternatives to an unwanted pregnancy are now facing increased maternal deaths, unwanted children and open to more...
12. June 2015
In this video we discuss high blood pressure and what to do about it.
05. May 2015
C.O.R.E. Healthcare Solutions is a Bay Area Nursing Consultant business specializing in case management, one on one or community education regarding medication management, healthcare navigation, and home assessments. In this video we consider two aspects of allergy - it's symptoms and medication used for allergy treatment.